new features in risacore v22.0 release

New Features in RISACore v22.0 Release


New features are now available in the recent release of RISACore (RISA-3D v22.0, RISAFloor v18.0, and RISAFoundation v16.0) . We are working hard to add the features and functionality that our customers have requested as soon as they become available. With that in mind, we have prepared a new update of RISACore that includes the following features as well as other enhancements:

  • Updated User Interface: RISAFoundation

  • Added More Stud Spacing Options for Wood Wall Panels: RISA-3D and RISAFloor

  • Customizable Hotkeys (e.g. C for draw column, B for draw beam, etc.): RISA-3D 

  • Tapered Area Loads: RISA-3D

tapered area load


For a complete list of all the improvements and corrections included in RISA-3D v22.0, RISAFloor v18.0, and RISAFoundation v16.0, you can review the Release Notes.

Release Notes