how to add a composite deck to the risafloor deck database

How to Add a Composite Deck to the RISAFloor Deck Database

RISAFloor has  four different deck types: concrete, composite, metal, and wood. When it comes to composite decks, there is a predefined Composite Deck definition already setup in the Deck Definitions spreadsheet.

You can also specify a composite deck by (1) setting up your deck configuration using the existing options or (2) adding your composite deck into the RISAFloor deck database. In this article, review the steps outlined below for Option (2): editing your RISAFloor deck database. For Option (1), see our other support article in the link for those steps.

Add or Modify the RISAFloor Deck Database:

The composite decks in the program are all based on spreadsheet data. Navigate to this database folder in C:\RISA User Data\%username\Decks.

Inside this folder, you will see all the deck manufacturers and deck types. Find the deck type spreadsheet for which you want to add the deck, and then open it up in Excel.

You can modify or add a row into the spreadsheet with the custom deck properties. Make sure all the fields are properly filled in to order avoid error messages later.

Applying a Custom Deck in RISAFloor

To apply your custom deck properties, close and reopen RISAFloor. Open the Deck Selection dialog to see the updated deck information listed. Choose the Database/Manufacturer from your updated Excel Database. Select the new custom deck from the entries.