how to troubleshoot unsupported deck edges

How to Troubleshoot Unsupported Deck Edges


Have you ever received error message 2054 when modeling in RISAFloor?

Unsupported Deck Edge 1

This error means that the program has detected an unsupported deck edge, but often there is confusion about what this means. RISAFloor expects that you have either a beam or a wall parallel to every deck edge in your model. This allows for the deck to have a supporting element around its entire perimeter.

Unsupported Deck Edge 2

To troubleshoot the error message above, first turn on the graphical view of your manually applied decks using the Show Deck Assignment – w/o Default toggle.

Unsupported Deck Edge 3 300x47 2x

Once you have your decks displayed, you can zoom in on the edges to verify that there are parallel beams and/or walls under each edge.

Unsupported Deck Edge 4

Once you find the culprit, you can simply redraw the deck to align with the supporting elements or model in a