viewing applied decks in risafloor

Viewing Applied Decks in RISAFloor

RISAFloor does not record the applied deck in a spreadsheet. To simplify modeling, it instead assumes a default deck is drawn within the entire diaphragm edge. If you have an area that will be a different deck or a different span direction, then you are free to draw in over the default. Whatever is drawn on last will be considered the governing deck.

To graphically verify the applied decks, you can use the Show Deck Assignment toggle button from the Window toolbar. RISAFloor includes three very helpful graphical viewing options for the decks:

1. View all the applied decks, including the default.

Viewing Decks in RFL 1 300x217 2x

2. View only the applied decks (the default is hidden)

Viewing Decks in RFL 2 300x216 2x

3. View as applied to see exactly what deck spans where. This solid color view is the easiest way to see deck application and diaphragm openings.

Viewing Decks in RFL 3 300x215 2x

You can also hover your cursor over any area and see the applied Deck and Deck Span angle reported in the Status Bar.

Viewing Decks in RFL 4 300x216 2x