what’s new with risa and windows updates?

What’s New with RISA and Windows Updates?

RISA software is staying current with all the Windows updates in order to bring you the best quality that Windows recommends. Unfortunately, that means it will require a little extra time during installation and your computer could require a reboot more than once.

The current versions of RISA programs were released on 4/8/21 and they require the latest versions of Windows applications. The RISA installers will automatically install these updates for you.

RISA Current Versions

  • RISA-3D v19.0.2

  • RISAFloor v15.0.2

  • RISAFoundation v13.0.2

Windows System Minimum Requirements for RISA software

  • .Net Framework v 4.8

  • Windows C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) - v14.28

  • Windows C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x84) - v14.28

If you prefer to update your C++ Redistributable versions prior to running the RISA installation, you can find the latest Windows files by clicking the button below.

Microsoft Downloads - Visual C++

For more information on the silent deployment, click below to learn more.

Microsoft Support - Redistribute Visual C++ Files