what is the dyn load category in risafloor?

What is the Dyn Load Category in RISAFloor?


The Dyn Load represents the additional load that must be included in the calculation of the total seismic weight.

Dyn Load 1

Total Seismic Weight = Self Weight + Dyn Load

RISAFloor does not include all applied loads as part of the seismic weight. For example, the super-imposed dead loads (DLPre or DLPost) are not included. Only the self weight and dyn loads are part of the total seismic weight.


The total seismic weight used to calculate the force is calculated for each diaphragm only. Therefore, any seismic weight that is not connected to diaphragms at all (e.g. walls located outside of a slab edge) not be included in the seismic force distribution.