using transient loads to verify applied area loads in risa-3d

Using Transient Loads to Verify Applied Area Loads in RISA-3D

When a model is solved that contains Member Area Loads, the program automatically attributes them to the applicable members within the defined area of the applied load. The load is attributed to the members as distributed loads that RISA-3D defines as Transient Loads.


In order to help verify the load distribution, RISA-3D automatically generates a new Basic Load Case for each Load Case that contains an area load. These new Load Cases include the Transient Loads for each original Load Case, and allow for quick verification of the distribution in the Basic Load Cases spreadsheet.

Transient01 5

The loads can be verified graphically as well. Simply turn on the graphic view of the Basic Load Case in question and then select the Transient Area Load case from the Load Display drop down menu.


Zoom in on this new view to confirm the load distribution and verify the load magnitudes.