hss tube moment connections per csa s16 now available

HSS Tube Moment Connections per CSA S16 now Available

Wide Flange beam to HSS Tube column moment connections can now be designed in RISAConnection version 9 with both the US and Canadian design standards. HSS tubes may be selected as the supporting column member on either of the two moment connections:

  • Column/Beam Direct Weld Moment Connection

  • Column/Beam Flange Plates Moment Connection

HSS Moment Connections 1 300x138 2x

When either of the above connections are designed per the Canadian design codes (CSA S16-09 or CSA S16-14), the HSS limit state checks are done per the appropriate equation in the CIDECT Design Guide 3, Table 7.1.

Canadian HSS Moment Connections 2

These limit states are all applicable only within a certain range, so RISAConnection checks the applicable ratios in the HSS Limitations check. If this fails, then the connection geometry is outside the “Range of Applicability” from the CIDECT Design Guide 3 Table 7.1.

Canadian HSS Moment Connections 3 300x206 2x