wood design per awc nds 2018 wood code

Wood Design per AWC NDS 2018 Wood Code

The new AWC NDS 2018 code has been implemented into RISA-3D v17.0 and RISAFloor v13.0. To select this code for your design, simply choose this code from the Codes tab within Model Settings.


After solution, the results are available in the Design Results spreadsheet. You can also verify the code selection used in your design in the member Detail Report.

Nds2018 2 Nds2018 3

Some notable changes in RISA between the 2015 and 2018 NDS Wood Code are:

  • The flat use factor (Cfu) is now applied to E & Emin for beams and stringers loaded on their wide face

  • Design for Structural Composite Lumber in tension now includes the volume factor (CV)

  • Updated and new material properties per NDS 2018 Supplement