slab on grade design with risafoundation

Slab on Grade Design with RISAFoundation

RISAFoundation was originally created as mat slab design software, but with some tweaks in the latest version (v6.0) it is now useful for slab on grade design as well. To get a design for slab on grade simply draw a slab element which has the appropriate thickness:

Slab on Grade 01

When defining the Design Rule for the Design Strips, be sure to use the Mid-Depth Only rebar option. This is as opposed to having two layers of rebar (top and bottom) within the slab. When choosing this option RISAFoundation will place a single layer of rebar at the middle of the slab.

Slab on Grade 02

Be sure to use a reasonable bar size, and the software will automatically determine the required spacing to meet strength requirements for the slab.

Slab on Grade 03