semi-rigid diaphragms now available

Semi-Rigid Diaphragms now Available

RISAFloor now has the ability to model a Semi-Rigid, Rigid or Flexible diaphragms to distribute lateral loads. For more information about the different diaphragm types, click on the link below.

Link: RISA Help: Diaphragms

On a beam supported floor, you create a diaphragm edge by clicking this icon: and then choose the Semi-Rigid option. The semi-rigid diaphragm is modeled using plates from the General- Material spreadsheet. The thickness in combination with the material stiffness should be based on the lateral stiffness you expect from your diaphragm.

Semi Rigid1

Existing models can be modified by changing the diaphragm type in the Diaphragms spreadsheet.

Semi Rigid2 300x74 2x

The Semi-Rigid diaphragm will be automatically submeshed in RISA-3D. After a solution is present, you can view the submesh for reference (Model Display Options- Diaphragms tab).

Semi Rigid3 300x153 2x