importing a time history function

Importing a Time History Function

New in RISA-3D v14 is the introduction of a Time History analysis feature. Time history functions may be generated directly in the program based on simple sinusoidal functions. More complex functions, however, can be imported from a text file.

Import Format

RISA can import a Time History function from an ASCII text file. The RISA Help file shows you how to layout the ASCII text file. RISA-3D will read the file into the Time History library when it’s placed in the Time History sub-folder of the main RISA directory.


To access Time History Function Library, click on the Advanced tab and select Time History. First click on the Import button, and locate the Time History ASCII text file.


Once a Time History Function has been imported, you’ll find it at the bottom of the list and you can click View/Edit to review and verify the plotted diagram.