flexibility with risa subscription licensing

Flexibility with RISA Subscription Licensing

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Why should you use subscription licensing?

License Flexibility

With subscription licensing all you need is an occasional Internet connection. This eliminates the need to:

  • Keep track of a physical key: All that is required to use the software is a valid account (set up in the Subscription Licensing System).

  • Have your computer connected to a specific network and maintain your own license server


Each year you can adjust your quantity of licenses up or down to meet your current needs. This means that your software budget can remain proportional to your staff size or current workload.

Annual Billing with No Overage Charges or Hidden Fees

RISA does not use concurrent or hourly usage to determine licensing cost. RISA’s subscription licensing has an annual fixed cost, so you can confidently anticipate your annual budget.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What RISA products are available for Subscription Licensing?

At this time the following products are available for Subscription Licensing:

  • RISA-3D

  • RISAFloor/RISAFloor ES

  • RISAFoundation

  • RISAConnection

  • RISA-2D

  • RISASection


  • ADAPT-Builder



Can I convert my existing perpetual license to a subscription license?

Yes. If you are currently on a maintenance plan, please contact us at (800) 332-RISA or info@risa.com for further information.

Already a RISA subscription customer?

Visit RISA Subscription Licensing Help page using the link below for instructions on new account setup, adding users and changing/reseting passwords.

RISA Subscription Licensing Help

Have more questions?

Learn more by contacting RISA Sales at (800) 332-RISA or info@risa.com.