defining connections: beam and column splices connections

Defining Connections: Beam and Column Splices Connections

Member Configuration

The connection rule must be applied to both sides of the splice (either beam to beam or column to column)

Available Connection Types

The following Splice Connections are currently supported in RISAConnection:

  • Shear Splices (Beam to Beam, Column to Column)

  • Beam Moment Splices (Direct Weld, End Plate, Flange Plate)

  • Column Moment Splices (Direct Weld, End Plate, Flange Plate)

Specific Connection Requirements

  • For beam to beam and column to column splices, both members must be oriented in the same direction.

  • Both beams/columns must be wide flanges

Individual Shear Splice Connections

Bm bm shear splice Col col shear splice

Individual Moment Splice Connections

Bm bm directweldmoment splice Bm bm extendplatemoment splice Bm bm momentplate splice COL COL DIRECTWEL Dmoment splice COL COL extendplatemoment splice COL COL PLAT Emoment splice

To learn more about the process of defining connections in RISA-3D or to review information about other connection types, check out the main article in this series (link below):

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