building cross sections using dxf

Building Cross Sections using DXF

 The latest version of RISASection, includes a powerful new DXF import feature. This feature allows the user to import any 2D geometry into RISASection for the calculation of the cross-sectional properties and the import into RISA-2D, RISA-3D or RISAFloor for use in the larger model.

Simply start by modeling the 2D section in your CAD program:

Dxf import section 1

If you want to model multiple shapes to create a built-up section, it is best to model each shape on separate layers in order to ensure that the import correctly recognizes each shape’s outline:

Dxf import section 2

Save the file as a DXF, then open RISASection.

Note: You may open a new file or an existing file. If you want to add the section to an existing file, it will simply import as a new section.

Go to File > Import DXF File, and then browse to select your file.

Dxf import section 3

Now you may review the calculated properties and save the section for import into RISA-2D, RISA-3D, and RISAFloor.