adapt-builder 2019.2 released

ADAPT-Builder 2019.2 Released

The latest release of ADAPT-Builder 2019 includes improvements that include new tools for meshing, tendon force input and releasing the edges of shells.

Tendon Effective Force Entry Flexibility

Users now have the option to enter lump sum/total force values for stressing when using the Effective Force Method. When this is done, the program auto-scales the number of strands in the General entry tab.


Line Hinge Tool

The new internal hinge tool allows for the easy creation of line hinges at shell edges where any rotational or translational constraint can be fixed or released. A practical example of this would be locations where only shear transfer is considered and moment is released.


Releasing the edge of a shell allows for shear transfer along the edge without taking into consideration the transfer of moment. This results in changes to the deformation and moments along the edge of the shell.


Ramp Modeling and Meshing Improvements

Updated meshing algorithms for ramps include improved interaction between ramps and elements (columns/beam/walls) connected to the ramp.


For a complete list of all the improvements and corrections included in ADAPT-Builder 2019.2, click the link to review the Release Notes.

ADAPT-Builder 2019.2 Release Notes