risa-tekla link v10 released

RISA-Tekla Link v10 Released

The release of the RISA-Tekla Link v10 introduces compatibility with Tekla Structures V2020. This update of the link includes the following features as well as other enhancements:

  • Added the ability to align the top of beam elevation using detailing information and cardinal points.

  • Added the ability to round-trip rigid link elements.

These improvements are important because RISA-3D defines members by their analytical centerline for the structural analysis and design, while Tekla Structures defines members by their physical alignment for constructability and detailing purposes. Cardinal points are used to properly map member positions when a RISA-3D model is imported into Tekla. Additionally, cardinal points enable the engineer to specify the "true" elevations for member connections and alignment without affecting the structural analysis and design.


Another new improvement included in the latest release of the RISA-Tekla Link is the support for rigid links. Rigid links can be used to tie members together, such as in the example of two stacked wide flange beams, modeled with rigid links so that the members act compositely (see image below).


For a complete list of all the improvements and corrections included in version 10 of the RISA-Tekla Link, click the button below to review the release notes.

RISA-Tekla Link v10 Release Notes

For any questions related to the latest update of the RISA-Tekla Link, please feel free to contact our support team directly using the link below.

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