what’s new with the risa-revit link v24.0.2?

What’s New with the RISA-Revit Link v24.0.2?

We're thrilled to announce the release of the RISA-Revit Link v24.0.2, a game-changing update designed to streamline your engineering workflows like never before. To take full advantage of these capabilities, make sure you're running RISA-3D v22.0.0 or higher, RISAFloor v18.0.0 or higher, RISAConnection v14.0.1 or higher.. Get ready to experience efficiency on a whole new level! See the list of updates below.

RISA-Revit Link v24.0.2 Updates

  • Added functionality for the transfer of wall panels with embedded columns to RISAFloor version 18.0.

  • Added the ability to accommodate columns and walls to integrate into RISAFloor that have assigned 
    the same base and top floor constraints.

  • Improved Roundtrip handling between RISA and Revit by accurately maintaining physical and 
    analytical model integrity.

    • Disable Revit's Automatic Wall Joining Feature: Disables the automatic feature within Revit to combine the walls.

    • Only Update Analytical Model: Allows users to update only the analytical model and does not merge the "locations" of the physical and analytical model in Revit.

update_analytical model

  • Enhanced feature to recognize openings directly from hole geometries in Revit wall panels.

  • Improved footing integration from REVIT to RISA without needing an analytical model presence. 


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