updated floor vibration calculation per aisc design guide #11

Updated Floor Vibration Calculation per AISC Design Guide #11

RISAFloor v14 now includes floor vibration calculations per the 2nd Edition of AISC Design Guide #11. To select this code for your design, simply choose AISC DG 11 2nd Edition in the Beam Vibrations drop-down from the Codes tab within Global Model Settings.

FL Beam Vibrations 2nd Ed

After solution, the results are available in the Vibration Results spreadsheet. You can also verify the code selection used in your design in the member Detail Report.

FL Beam Vibrations 2nd Ed Detailed Report

Overall, there are few changes between 1st and 2nd Edition DG #11. However, for the calculation that is done in RISAFloor v14 there is no change. For reference, included below is a detailed list of the items that RISAFloor includes in the check of beam vibrations:

  • Ig , Ij : Transformed or Effective Moment of Inertia for Beam or Girder (Section 3.1)

  • Δg , Δj : Mid span Deflections of the Beam or Girder due to the weight supported by the member (Eq. 3-4)

  • ƒg , ƒj : Panel Mode Frequency of Beam or Girder (Section 3.1)

  • ƒn : Fundamental frequency of simply supported beam with uniform mass (Eq. 3-1)

  • Wg, Wj : Effective Weight supported by the Beam or Girder (Eq. 4-1)

  • W : Effective Panel Weight (Eq. 4-5)ap : Peak Acceleration due to Walking Excitation (Eq. 4-1)