seismic design of masonry walls (tms 402-16) in risa-3d

Seismic Design of Masonry Walls (TMS 402-16) in RISA-3D


RISA-3D is expanding its industry leading support for the analysis and design of various materials with the implementation of Seismic Design of Masonry Wall Panels according to the provisions of TMS 402-16 (as well as ACI 530-13).

TMS 402 602 16

When creating a model in RISA-3D, users now have the ability to easily define a "seismic design rule" for masonry walls with one of three options:

  • Ordinary
  • Intermediate
  • Special
Seismicmasonry2a Seismicmasonry2

When the seismic design rule is established, various provisions from TMS 402-16 are evaluated including checks for:

  • Boundary Zone Reinforcement
  • Minimum Spacing of Horizontal Reinforcement (Out-of-Plane)
  • Maximum In-Plane Shear Reinforcement
  • Mortar Type

When the analysis is complete, users can evaluate the design either in spreadsheet results or using the detailed reports similar to what has previously been available for concrete shear walls.

Seismicmasonry5 Seismicmasonry4

For additional details on the calculations, visit the Masonry Walls – Seismic Design topic found in the RISA-3D Online Help file:


For additional information, check out the video below: