moving load point load generator now available

Moving Load Point Load Generator now Available

A common question we get in tech support is “how can I verify my moving load results?” We now have a feature that will allow you to quickly generate a static loading condition equivalent to the moving loads at any given step along their path so you can investigate the detailed results at this location.

First, you will want to run your moving load combination in an Envelope or Batch + Envelope solution to get your governing results. For further instruction with using moving loads, see “How to Use Moving Loads?”.

Link: Moving Loads: How To

Once solved, choose your results to review and open that spreadsheet. Notice that in the LC column, you will see both the governing load combination number and the governing moving load step number within that load combination. Choose which step number you want to investigate.


On the Home tab of the Ribbon toolbar, click on the Create Point Loads from Moving Loads button.


Enter which Basic Load Case you want the new point loads added to, the Moving Load pattern or load combination, and the Step Number then click Apply.


You now have a static load pattern that is identical to the moving load step location:


Now you can solve a static load combination with the loads at this point and investigate the member force diagrams, deflected shape, etc.