how to model multiple pedestals/loads on one footing

How to Model Multiple Pedestals/Loads on One Footing

RISAFoundation includes a footing element which is represented by a single node. A frequent question that arises is how to apply multiple point loads to a single footing, but at different locations. This can be done with or without corresponding pedestals, but for the example below multiple pedestals will be included.

Using RISAFoundation you can create a footing with multiple pedestals using a slab element.

Combined Footings 01

Next, draw design strips on the slab so that you can get rebar design and code checks. It is important to draw both vertical and horizontal strips. For a small footing a single strip in each direction ought to suffice.

Combined Footings 02

Lastly, apply pedestals and loads to the slab. After solving you will get rebar design for the footing (and pedestals) as well as overturning and sliding safety factor checks.

Combined Footings 03