how to model a geodesic dome in risa-3d?

How to model a Geodesic Dome in RISA-3D?

In modeling what would be a rather difficult geometric structure, by using the Templates database in RISA-3D, a geodesic dome can be constructed rather quickly and easily.

  • Select the "Geodesic Dome" from the "Templates" drop-down found on the Home tab.
Geodesicdome 1
  • The following dialog box will be displayed and you can enter in the necessary information for the geodesic dome generation:
Geodesicdome 2
  • Platonic Solid Shape: Designates the overall shape, number and orientation of the geodesic dome
  • Triangle Subdivision: Designates the number of triangle submesh per side of the triangular plate
  • Polar Origin: Sets the origin (insertion) point of the dome
  • Members: Allows for the creation of strut members using a material and pre-defined section set
  • Plates: Allows for the generation of plates using a material and thickness
  • Dome Height/Radius: Sets the geometry of the dome

Once the properties of the dome have been defined, click OK to generate the dome.

Geodesicdome 3