how can i transfer my slab design from risafloor es onto drawings?

How can I transfer my slab design from RISAFloor ES onto drawings?

The ability of RISAFloor ES to design rebar for two way concrete slabs is powerful. Such designs are made much more powerful when they can easily be conveyed on construction drawings.

In the example below, the East-West bottom bars are displayed. A single bar symbol is shown at the middle of the design strip, with an arrow shows the extent of where the bars need to be placed.

Floor ES DXF Output 01

Once the design is complete, go to the File Menu and choose Export DXF File.

Floor ES DXF Output 02

A DXF File is then created for each floor of the building. This file can be opened in any CAD software such as Autodesk AutoCAD or Bentley Microstation. Each rebar group (East-West, North-South, Top, Bottom) is placed on a separate layer in this drawing:

Floor ES DXF Output 03