design of single piles in risafoundation

Design of Single Piles in RISAFoundation

As more engineers trust RISAFoundation for their foundation design needs, additional requests and features are added in order to provide the most robust and comprehensive design options possible. In RISAFoundation, users can design a single pile without a slab or pile cap. This allows engineers to easily check the loads on a single pile while not having to perform an FEA load distribution over a mat foundation.


When designing a single pile, users will still need to define the compressive and shear capacities of the pile along with the required soil characteristics in order to obtain results. Results are available in the Pile Results spreadsheet and in a Pile Detail Report. Pile Detail Reports can be accessed to view the pile’s geometry, material, code, analysis and the design results used to calculate the code checks.

For more information about pile design in RISAFoundation, visit the Pile & Pile Caps section of the RISAFoundation Online Help.