circular pedestals on spread footings

Circular Pedestals on Spread Footings

Circular pedestals and posts have now been added to spread footings in RISAFoundation.

To specify a circular pedestal or post, open up the Footing Definition spreadsheet and select the Pedestal tab. Circular shape can be selected for either the Pedestals or Post type.

Circular Pict 1

Using Pedestal in this example, from the Shape column you can click the red arrow to launch the Pedestal Size dialog. Then select the circular pedestal option and define a diameter.

Circular Pict 2

The height of the pedestal can be specified under the Height column along with any pedestal eccentricities (ex and ez). Boundaries can also be specified to limit the pedestal eccentricity from the center of the footing (BLx and BLz).

You can then see the circular pedestal displayed on your spread footing after drawing the footing on the graphic interface.

Circular Pict 3