added knee brace connections

Added Knee Brace Connections

RISAConnection v7 recently added a new Knee Brace (Kicker Brace) connection type. This connection can be designed at the brace to column or brace to beam.

Knee Brace Connections 1

The connection design is very similar to that of a Chevron Brace: the resultant forces at the connection are calculated using simple statics. The appropriate limit states are then checked in the results report.

Knee Brace Connections 2

Integration with RISA-3D

Knee Braces may also be assigned to the brace members directly in RISA-3D and then exported to RISAConnection for design. Assign the “Knee Brace” Connection Rule to the brace member (it does not need to be applied to the supporting beam or column), then solve and use the Director tool to export to RISAConnection. Connection details may be adjusted in RISAConnection to achieve a passing design.

Knee Brace Connections 3