added enhancements in risacalc v4.0

Added Enhancements in RISACalc v4.0


RISA is pleased to announce the latest update of the web based software RISACalc. This version of RISACalc has added the following enhancements!

  • Added a summary table of results in the Calculations section for Spread Footings

  • Added larger reinforcement spacing options for Masonry Wall Design

  • Added compliance with the 2021 International Building Code


Support for IBC 2021 in RISACalc includes:

  • AA ADM1-20 (ASD&LRFD)

  • AISI S100-20

To select these codes for your design, simply choose them from the Codes tab of Settings:

Local State Requirements

Many states do not yet require compliance with the 2021 IBC. The ICC publishes a report for which editions are adopted by each state. Their latest report is from July 2022. Therefore, you will want to check with your local jurisdiction to see which version is required.

Link: ICC July 2022 Report

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For more information on this release, see our release notes.