adapt-pt/rc version 22.0 is now available!

ADAPT-PT/RC Version 22.0 is now available!


Consideration of Drop Caps and Drop Panels for Two-Way Punching Shear Design

ADAPT-PTRC now checks two-way shear for columns at critical sections within the drop cap, drop panel, and slab. This feature is available for all codes.

In the below figure we have a three-span model with a drop cap and a drop panel modeled at Column 2.

Drop panel v22

The interface has not changed. The user can model drop caps and drop panels the same as in previous versions of the software. The outcome of this change can be seen when viewing the punching shear reports.

Punching shear v22

User Limited DCR

The user now has the option to modify the target demand/capacity ratio to a value of their choosing. This feature is available for all codes. Where moment demand exceeds moment capacity the program adds reinforcement to meet the specified DCR ratio set by the user.

Dcr v22

Minimum Rail Length (ACI-318)

ADAPT-PTRC has been improved to ensure compliance with minimum rail length requirements of the ACI code (ACI-318-19 Section This feature is available for all ACI codes. When checking the minimum stud rail length, if the two—way shear design leads to rail lengths less than the minimum rail length required by code, the program will add studs until the minimum rail length required by code is met.

Rail v22


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