adapt-builder version 22.0.2 now available!

ADAPT-Builder Version 22.0.2 now Available!


ADAPT-Builder Version 22.0.2 is now available and includes the following enhancements:

  • Added wall design per ACI 318-19 code.

  • Improved the Wall Design Manager to only consider strength combinations.

  • Added option to automatically update wall section reinforcement when designing walls.

  • Implemented a new Feedback button that allows the user to request improvements to the software.


Improved ADAPT Wall Design Manager

In ADAPT-Builder v22.0.2 the integrated wall design capabilities of the ADAPT Wall Designer have been improved to include the implementation of the ACI-318-19 design code. The design of concrete shear walls can be done with or without special boundary elements for seismic lateral resisting systems. The user has the option to perform a Code Check or a Design of shear walls within an ADAPT-Builder model. A code check allows the user to define the reinforcement within the wall and the program will check whether the assigned reinforcement satisfies code provisions for minimum reinforcement, bending, and shear capacity. If a user chooses to Design the walls, the program will iteratively design the reinforcement for the walls within the user-defined design constraints to satisfy code provisions.

The ADAPT Wall Designer has been implemented for ACI-318-19 and ACI-318-11 design codes.

ADAPT Wall Designer

For more information on ADAPT-BUILDER features, check out our release notes below.