borrowing a risa-3d subscription license

Borrowing a RISA-3D Subscription License

RISA software products allow users to borrow a subscription licenses for a specified period of time, giving users  if they are going off-site. To borrow a license follow the steps below.

How to Borrow a RISA-3D Subscription License

  • STEP 1: Open RISA-3D. Then navigate to File > Help > Licensing.


  • STEP 2: Choose the licenses you would like to borrow.


  • STEP 3: Choose the number of days you wish to check-out the license for. Or borrow until the subscription end date.

If you need to return the license before the check-out date, check it back in by flipping the switch off.

Please note that to borrow and return a license you will need to be connected to the internet. After the initial borrowing license steps, you will be able to use the license offline until expiration.