top 5 valentine's day gifts for structural engineers

Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts For Structural Engineers

It’s not too late to get the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Not all gifts for this romantic day have to be cliché. With tons of makers and creators (and the power of overnight shipping), you can find any unique gift for that special person. Check out our list here of our top 5 unique Valentine’s day gifts for a Structural Engineer. 



shutterstock_244694977Make a change from the usual gifts by surprising a friend or loved one with this LEGO® Flower Bouquet. Enjoy a building experience where you can mix and match stems and petals to create your own unique bouquet. Plus there is the added bonus that you never have to worry about watering them.



2. An Evening Out - EATING IN

shutterstock_1690984780-1Depending on the city, Valentine’s day reservations are hard to come by (especially last minute). Even if you have reservations for the big day, the crowds at these restaurants can impact the privacy you normally receive during dinner. Alternatively, try ordering carry out from your favorite restaurant. Then set up a quiet dinner at home for you and your loved one. 


3. Practical Gift- P.E. EXAM STUDY GUIDE

shutterstock_1965702307This is not the most romantic gift for the holiday. However, let's face it, who hasn’t met an engineer that wasn’t practical? Gifting your loved one with study materials for the Professional Engineer exam is a practical way to show you love and support them.




shutterstock_1708364509This is another practical gift. Traveling to job sites as a field engineer requires your hands to be around construction materials, equipment, and tools. Job sites are not the best places for your expensive wedding ring. Your ring could get damaged or possibly lost. A silicone wedding band is a comfortable and inexpensive stand-in for the real thing.


5. Edible Arrangements - CHARCUTERIE CHALET

shutterstock_1861295731Remember those gingerbread house kits you made as a kid? With the charcuterie chalet kit by Avital, make your own savory gingerbread house from ingredients typically found on a charcuterie and cheese board. Use salami to make shingles, fresh rosemary to make festive wreaths, and grated parmesan as savory snow.



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