risa employees teach 8-week stem module to students in orange county

RISA employees teach 8-week STEM module to students in Orange County

Over the past few years, RISA has been involved with Stand Up for Kids - Orange County. Since 2003, Stand Up for Kids has focused on putting an end to the cycle of youth homelessness in the community. They work to provide basic needs, housing, mentoring support, care, and love to at-risk and homeless youth ages 12-24.

One of the ways RISA has partnered with Stand Up for Kids is through their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs. Through these programs, students are given hands-on experience in various subjects including computer science, architecture and biology. Through experiments, teamwork, and practice, each session aims to inspire the kids as they experiment with important STEM concepts.

Recently, employees from RISA have led a virtual course focused on engineering and specifically the "Engineering Process". In this students are learning how to identify the problem, brainstorm solutions, build a prototype, test and improve design. With this knowledge, students have applied what they learned to the real world example of designing a simple bridge.

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For learn more about Stand Up for Kids - Orange County, their programs (including STEM) and to get involved, click the button below.

Stand Up for Kids - Orange County, CA