risa-3d version 20 faqs

RISA-3D Version 20 FAQs

Q: Are the files backward and forward compatible between versions?

A: Yes, the files are backward and forward compatible between all versions.

Q: Are there any new hardware requirements for RISA-3D v20 or later?

A: There are no new hardware requirements for v20. Learn more about Hardware Requirements.

Hardware Requirements

Q: Can I have both RISA-3D v20 and v17 installed?

A: Yes! You can have both RISA-3D v20 or later as well as v17 installed allowing you to use either version. Both versions can be launched from the Start Menu.

Q: How do I use the Director tool to integrate the programs?

A: RISA-3D v20’s integrates with RISAFloor v16, RISAFoundation v14 and RISAConnection v13. You are still able integrate with previous versions of RISAFloor, RISAFoundation and RISAConnection by opening your model in RISA-3D v17.

Need help? If you have any further questions please contact RISA Support.

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