how to use international shapes in risaconnection

How to Use International Shapes in RISAConnection

You can use the full library of international shapes inside of RISAConnection. Currently RISAConnection uses the American steel code AISC code for design checks; however you can customize your connection to use any of the International shapes available in the database.

In the Connection Properties window, there is a Components section which displays the names of the shapes used in the connection. To access the library of shapes, you just click on the icon with three dots at the right side of the screen.

International Shapes in RISA Connection 1

There are several international database’s available and you can select from countries shown in the the drop-down list shown below. With the database selected, you just click on the shape in the list on the left.

International Shapes in RISA Connection 2

Note: Any custom shapes can be added into the database using RISA-3D’s shape database editor.