how do i change the member type in risa-3d?

How Do I Change the Member Type in RISA-3D?

In RISA-3D, there are many different applications that require you to define Member Type in your model including AISC 15th Edition steel design, Seismic Design, Concrete design, and models that will be transferred to Autodesk Revit.

If you find yourself at the end of the project and you forgot to set the member type, here are the steps to easily modify the model.

Scenario 1: Section sets were not used.

Simply select the member(s) whose type you would like to change, then change the Member Type via the Properties panel on the left hand side.

No section set

Scenario 2: Section sets were used to build the model.

Simply open the Section Sets spreadsheet and change the Member Type as shown below.

With section sets

You can use the Member Color icon to display the Member Type graphically.

Member type