Enhanced "Move" Tools in RISAFoundation

RISAFoundation v10.0 now includes the added ability to move selected foundation elements. This includes beams, wall footings, piles, pedestals, slabs, etc. To access the tool, click on the Move Selected Items button to open the dialog box.


There are 3 primary ways to move elements with this tool:

1. Move by Point Location selection allows a user to graphically move selected items by clicking from one point to another. As demonstrated below, the Move by Point Location selection is used to move the footings and beams from Grids B and C to Grids D and E.

1 300x251 2x

2. Move by Increments (ft) selection is a straight forward option that allows a user to move selected items by entering the exact movement increments in the X and Z directions. In the demonstration below, we entered “10” and “15” for X and Z, respectively. This move positioned the footing at location H-7.

2 300x141 2x

3. Move at an Angle selection is another self-explanatory option that allows a user to move selected items at a specified angle to the horizontal Z axis paired with a specified offset distance. Demonstrated below, we again moved the selection so that the footing would now be positioned at location H-7. This was achieved by entering an angle of “33.7” degrees and an offset of “18.03” feet.

3 300x141 2x