aisc 341-16 & aisc 358-16 now included in risaconnection

AISC 341-16 & AISC 358-16 now included in RISAConnection


The AISC 341-16 and AISC 358-16 Edition changes have been implemented into RISAConnection v13.

341 16c 3

To select this code for your design, simply choose the AISC 360-16 code from the Solution tab within the Project Settings. Previously, the seismic detailing checks were only available when the AISC 360-10 code was selected.

341 16c 1

If you are integrating connections from RISAFloor or RISA-3D, choose the AISC 360-16 code from the Codes tab within the Model Settings.

341 16c 2

A few notable changes in RISAConnection between AISC 341/358-10 and AISC 341/358-16 include:

  • Calculation of limiting width-to-thickness ratios in Table D1.1
  • Calculation of panel-zone doubler plates and transverse stiffeners for moment frames
  • Calculation of sum of expected flexural strength of beams at the plastic hinge location for special moment frames
  • Calculation of required shear strength of connections
  • Calculation of expected compressive strength for braced frames
  • Calculations of bolt bearing and tearout strength
  • Use of E90 welds in seismic system
  • Use of ASTM A1085/A1085M for HSS shapes
  • Use of ASTM A913/A913M Gr. 70 for Hot-rolled shapes