integrated column code checks in adapt-builder

Integrated Column Code Checks in ADAPT-Builder

The latest release of ADAPT-Builder (22.0.1) includes an integrated concrete column code check feature that allows users to easily check concrete columns for code compliance. Utilizing the ACI 318-19 or ACI 318-14 design code, the code check feature will perform capacity checks for bending, axial, and shear loading on the column against the demand forces using the PCA Load Contour methodology.

Results, including the Axial Capacity, Utilizations, Design Loads, and Rho for each of the columns can be viewed graphically. Additionally, a detailed XLS report showing the inputs and outputs of the design including PM diagrams, Design Loads, Detailed Report and a Summary Report for each column segment can be created.



For more information about the concrete column code check feature in ADAPT-Builder, visit our Online Help file or watch the video below.