engineering tomorrow: preparing for 2024!

Engineering Tomorrow: Preparing for 2024!

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New Year's for a structural engineer can be a time of reflection, planning, and setting professional goals. Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate the New Year:

1. Reflect on Achievements:
Take stock of the projects completed in the past year. Reflect on challenges overcome, innovative solutions implemented, and personal growth achieved. Acknowledge successes and lessons learned.

2. Set Professional Goals:
Establish clear and measurable goals for the upcoming year. These could include acquiring new certifications, mastering specific software or techniques, or taking on more leadership roles within projects.

3. Attend Networking Events:
Look for industry-specific conferences, workshops, or networking events planned for the New Year. These gatherings provide opportunities to connect with peers, learn about advancements in the field, and expand professional networks.

4. Learn and Develop Skills:
Consider enrolling in specialized courses or workshops related to structural engineering. Whether it's exploring new design software or delving deeper into specific structural principles, continuous learning is crucial in this field. For example, click the button below to check out RISA's training offering for 2024.

5. Collaborate and Mentor:
Foster collaboration within teams and consider mentorship opportunities. Share knowledge and experiences with junior engineers or interns, contributing to the growth of the next generation in the field. Want a structural engineer from RISA to present at your local SEA chapter? Contact

The New Year presents a prime opportunity for structural engineers to set the tone for growth, innovation, and continued excellence in their field. It's a time to chart a course for a successful and fulfilling year ahead.

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